Multimedia Designer

Gamer Map: This is a little mini project to practice using JavaScript with standard HTML 5 and CSS coding. As someone who enjoys video games, I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite video game companies. In the future, I’m hoping to expand upon it and have more companies!

LGBTQ+ Gamers: This was my 2020 summer course blog. The theme of this blog is mainly surrounded around class assignments, showcasing projects, the LGBTQ+ community, and other systemically non-dominant groups of people.

Pitbull Awareness Project: The Pitbull Awareness project is a little project that I made to showcase the negative stigma attached to the term ‘Pitbull’ in today’s society. This project includes a remixed video and an infographic.

Mikael’s Web: Out of all the projects I’ve done at Washington State University, this one was the one I loved doing the most. Mikael’s Web is a short indie game that was made through a remote collaborative effort. As the background illustrator, I was tasked with researching fantasy settings and landscapes. Each member of our team had detailed ideas of scenarios, character backstories, moral decisions, and input. One of our favorite things about our protagonist Sabra is that she’s a woman of color who also happens to be asexual. Her mission to become the strongest fighter in the world. In the beginning, my team decided that we wanted to feature a diverse character array with LGBTQ+ characters, people of color, and a character with a disability.

This was a fun little project I did in my film class. I wanted to do a short little video about my grandmother sharing her love for plants.